Serving on the Queer Asterisk Board

Current 2017 Board Members

Diane Israel, Chair of the Board

Diane Israel brings her wisdom, compassion and awake heart to the Queer Asterisk board and is a renowned psychotherapist and professor at Naropa University. Diane inspires authentic relationship in all aspects of life and recognizes the importance of vulnerability inherent in being human. Diane helped found the Transpersonal Counseling Program at Naropa University and been involved with developing heart-centered organizations for many years. She is passionate about creating awake queer community and is inspired by Queer Asterisk’s mission and service to the whole.

Atlas Tann, M.Div Candidate (they, their, them), Board Member

Atlas is currently studying for a Master of Divinity in Buddhism at Naropa University. When Atlas is not studying to be a chaplain, they are working as an EMT and training in martial arts. Atlas is interested in empowerment for queer and marginalized folks through a contemplative approach to violence. Currently, you can find them developing a contemplative combat arts program in the Boulder community.

Jaxx Alutalica, MA, NCC, LMFT (They, Their, Them), Board Member

Jaxx is a queer, non-binary, private practice sex therapist, currently working on their PhD in Human Sexuality at the California Institute for Integrated Studies. Jaxx is so excited to bring their commitment to creating a safe, aware, and sex positive culture within the queer community to the board of Queer Asterisk. Jaxx is driven to create more space for queer folks to explore identities through movement, and is currently the Artistic Director of an all queer dance company, GraySpace. Jaxx believes wholly in creating space for queer folks to explore their identities and connect with one another, and is honored to be a part of the Queer Asterisk board as the organization develops in depth and capacity.

Kai McKenzie, PhD (xe, xyr, xem) Board Member

Kai is a writer, artist, and educator with a background in folklore, myth, and nature studies. Xe is creating curriculum for children based on a trans ourstory (history) of the world, and writing short stories and novels for children. Kai has a Ph.D in Folklore and an MA in Arts-Integrated Education.



Becoming a Board Member at Queer Asterisk

Interested in community organizing? Consider serving on our board!
Thank you for your interest in a board member position at Queer Asterisk.  We strive to maintain a diverse team with a shared and vested interest in our mission. As long as you care deeply about our mission and can support our goals in meaningful ways, we want to hear from you! To apply, please download and fill out the application (click to download) and send it to Feel free to contact us for more information.