Peer Mentorship

Our peer mentorship program connects you with a queer and/or trans peer mentor and is an affordable supplement or alternative to traditional therapy. Peer mentors are currently enrolled in counseling programs and provide compassionate listening and companionship for those looking for some additional support.
Peer mentors have office hours for drop in sessions or times can be arranged individually with a mentor. The peer mentorship program will resume again in Spring 2018. Please check back or call us at 720-507-6161 for more information.

Our Mentors



Tjay Jorden she/they

Tosha (TJay) Jorden has a BA in Contemplative Psych with a Minor in Performing Arts
from Naropa University. She/they are currently studying for Somatic (DMT) Psychotherapy at Naropa University to receive her/their Masters. TJay specializes in expressive art, and hopes to mix them both in her/their counseling skills one day.

Shen Hollcraft (they/them/their)

Shen is completing their Masters degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University. Shen is deeply passionate about queer liberation on both personal and collective levels and offers their contemplative training in support of this aim.

Basil Ross (they/them/their)

Basil is completing their masters degree in Naropa’s Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling program. They are currently excited about anger, authenticity, dogs, and the inner workings of relationships. They believe that embracing queer identity in community is a delicious and effective way of enacting self-love.

Shen Hollcraft

Shen is a 2nd year student in Naropa’s Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology program. They currently work as a caregiver and are a reader, poet, and mountain explorer in their spare time. Shen is deeply passionate about queer liberation on both personal and collective levels, and is excited to explore those themes during their time at Queer Asterisk.

Femme Mentorship

Our Femme Mentorship program connects you with a skilled mentor ready to help you explore and develop your feminine self-expression and presentation through make-up and personal styling. An introductory package includes three sessions ($20 each) customized to support your individual goals and create a foundation for further exploration.

To sign up email us at