Queer Asterisk Clinical Team

Nervous? Our therapist are queer and trans too!

Sorin Thomas LPC, LAC (Xe, Xyr, Xem) Clinical Director, Therapist

Sorin is a queer and non-binary transgender licensed professional counselor and licensed addictions counselor offering a variety of therapeutic services to queer and trans folx. A graduate of Naropa University with a master’s degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology, Sorin utilizes body sensation/movement and mindfulness practices. Therapy is strengths-based and client-directed for children, adolescents, adults, and couples/families of all configurations to inspire growth and healing. Sorin specializes in modalities such as wilderness therapy and canine/equine therapy.

Brett Adamek (Freeda Be) CPT (He, His, Him) Director, Therapist

Brett is an unlicensed registered psychotherapist with a master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and certified personal trainer. Brett combines these areas of expertise to support individuals seeking dynamic and practical ways to release and reintegrate emotional charge in the body. He uses a unique method that combines mindfulness and self-inquiry, supported movement and therapeutic touch to assist individuals to feel empowered and at-home in their bodies so that they can live a more authentic, creative, and purposeful life. In addition to working at Queer Asterisk, Brett is the founder of MBODI, a company that produces innovative products and trainings to connect mind, body, and emotions. Learn more at www.mbodi.me.

Tracey A. Lamers LPCC (She, Hers, Her), Therapist

Tracey has a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. She offers a mindfulness-based holistic approach to therapy and focuses on the well-being of the client’s health in body, mind, soul and spirit. Tracey works with adults, individuals and couples. She specializes in grief and loss, anxiety, depression and distress client’s experience adapting to an unjust society. She is present, grounded and insightful and can assist clients in rediscovering their innate goodness.

Nora Ahmed-Kamal LPCC (She, Her, Hers), Therapist

Nora is a queer cis-woman of color with European-African roots. As a somatic counselor, Nora guides and empowers clients in the discovery and celebration of their authentic selves. Through Body Psychotherapy, clients are able to gain bodily awareness and skills on how they can move more fluidly in expressing and embodying their own unapologetic truth that is too often silenced by society. Nora is committed to integrating strength-based and trauma-informed perspectives into her practice. In the therapy room, she creates a supportive and warm environment as she passionately works with children, teenagers, parents, and adults. As a multilingual psychotherapist, Nora provides counseling in English, Spanish, French and Danish.

Morgan A. Peterson LPC (They, Their, Them), Therapist

Morgan is a genderqueer licensed professional counselor who has worked in private practice and community-based mental health centers in Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder. Morgan has focused their energy on specializing as a gender therapist. They focus on the strengths of their clients and work with their clients to bring a balance of justice and power to counteract the distress caused by the imbalances that trans and queer people experience in daily life. In addition, Morgan has worked diligently on ethics and social justice issues regarding the treatment and care of trans and queer people receiving emergency crisis services. Morgan enjoys writing poetry, cycling, listening to music, dancing, and knitting as a few of their hobbies.

Jaxx A. Alutalica NCC, LMFT (They, Their, Them), Therapist

Jaxx is a non-binary trans licensed couples and family therapist and trained sex therapist. They specialize in working with the queer community in issues around gender, sexuality, relationships, alternative sexual expressions, BDSM and polyamory. Jaxx uses an integrative approach in psychotherapy to allow clients to explore the systems within which they function and how to develop emotional integrity and strong interpersonal skills while achieving their own unique brilliance. Jaxx works as a social justice advocate within and outside of the therapy room and believes in the transformative power of sex positive identity affirming spaces. Jaxx has a Master’s degree in couples and family therapy from the University of Northern Colorado and is currently pursuing their PhD in Human Sexuality from the California Institute for Integral Studies where they are researching the healing properties of BDSM and gender dysphoria.



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A Guide to Pronouns


Even though singular pronouns are typically thought of as consisting solely of "he and she," many people do not fit inside this narrow construct of gender. Many of us fall outside of "he and she" and need to use pronouns that are reflective of our identities. There are many non-binary pronouns; here are few that are used at Queer Asterisk.