Queer Asterisk Trainings

Curious about diversity outside the heteronormative bubble?!

Queer Asterisk offers customized diversity and inclusivity trainings for community organizations such as schools, churches, hospitals, and mental health agencies wishing to have a positive impact on the lives of their LGBTQPIA staff and persons in their care. The focus of these training is to explore the intersectionality of gender, biological sex, and sexual orientation and the diversity inherent therein. The aim is to cultivate mindfulness in hopes of having a positive impact on inclusivity. If you have questions, click here to contact us.

Inclusive Language Consulting
Our professional team offers queer-informed writing and editing services to increase the sense of safety and inclusion felt by LGBTQPIA+ clients and staff. Queer Asterisk's inclusive language consulting is an opportunity to better support your colleagues and stakeholders and be a leading example in your field. Services include writing and editing internal documents (policies, procedures, handbooks) and external communications (website, social media) to reflect inclusive language. Contact us to set up an appointment.

Check out this inclusive language guide as an example of work we have done in collaboration with one of our partners.


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Does your organization serve LGBTQPIA folx? Psst...the answer is yes!

Creating safer spaces for expansiveness is necessary for the inclusion of queer and trans identities. Most organizations need support in learning the language and actions of inclusivity. Queer Asterisk trainers, identifying as queer and trans themselves, offer diversity and inclusivity trainings for community organizations wishing to have a positive impact on the lives of their LGBTQPIA staff and persons in their care. If you feel your organization would benefit from training in this area, please contact us.